Excelsa Scripta Rare Books

Book fairWelcome to Excelsa Scripta Rare Books where you should expect the highest quality of customer care because your satisfaction is my priority. Contact is encouraged for any reason. Additional photos are provided upon request. Books are carefully examined. Any book in its original condition may be returned within 30 days of receipt (prior notice required). Return shipping is free for description errors.

Excelsa Scripta Rare Books offers a fine selection of antiquarian books with a growing focus on social thought. Topics include human rights, women's history, black history, LGBTQ history, indigenous communities, poverty, disability, civil disobedience, civil rights, and freedom of religion, thought, speech, and press. I derive and hope to share inspiration from significant historical figures, ideas, and contributions.

Eco-friendly packagings make use of recycled, biodegradable, and renewable products to support sustainability. Packing supplies include corrugated boxes made of 100% post-consumer material, biodegradable cello carton-sealing tape made with a renewable plant-based adhesive, bags with 100% recycled film and resealable closure, 100% recycled tissue papers, and 100% recycled shipping labels with recyclable liners. Bubble wrap is made of partially recycled material.

Ellen Saito, bookseller

Ellen SaitoProprietor of Excelsa Scripta Rare Books, I named my bookstore after the Latin translation of “sublime writing.” Bookselling is my nirvana, the culmination of years of following my passions. My priorities are professionalism, truth in advertising, accountability, and five-star customer care. Member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, I am proud to meet the requirements of their Code of Ethics. As an architect with a Master of Arch from Columbia University, my previous experience dovetails well with my career as a professional bookseller. Architects are professional, discerning and interactive entrepreneurs with respect for history. Attentive to form and function, I enjoy books as objets d'art and as works of historical significance.