About Us

Welcome to Excelsa Scripta Rare Books. Please expect the highest level of customer service. Your contact is always welcome. Any questions are answered as soon as possible. Additional photos are available. All books are carefully examined to ensure accurate descriptions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Any book in its original condition may be returned for any reason (prior notice required). Returns are free for description errors.

We offer a fine selection of rare books. We focus on first editions by important authors, signed books, beautiful sets and books designed and illustrated by amazing artists. You will find fine bindings, limited editions and first thus books. Rare books make thoughtful gifts, so we carry a wide range of books for everyone you know: young readers, scholars of every specialty, hobbyists and careerists. If you have a specific book or type of book in mind, please "Leave a Want" at the link below, so that we may do our best to provide you with the book you seek or to provide you with a recommended book as soon as possible. We provide this service for our customers free of charge. You are under no obligation to buy.

While we offer special books of general interest, we have begun to focus on women's history, black history and social justice. We hope to inspire people to remember the great historical figures who uplifted us all when they fought for the underrepresented. The fight for social and economic equality in a more civilized, safe and free world will never be over. So, while we treasure books as gems, historical artifacts and works of sublime artistry, we also try to keep our lofty appreciations grounded.

We use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible, favoring recycled, biodegradable and renewable products in our effort to support sustainablility. Already, we are transitioning to corrugated boxes made of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial waste. We use biodegradable cello carton sealing tape made with a renewable plant-based adhesive, bags with 100% recycled film and resealable closure, recycled tissue papers and recycled shipping labels. Our bubble wrap is made of partially recycled material.

Our Team

Allow me to introduce our winning team. My name is Ellen Saito and I am the proprietor of Excelsa Scripta Rare Books. My boss is Porgy. As you may have guessed, Porgy is my sweet-natured and most handsome seal point Siamese cat, despite what his name may imply. Porgy is very smart and very good at his job, so I am exceedingly well-trained. My husband acts as a consultant at times. Aside from his full-time job, he contributes by calculating statistics in his head, by exhibiting unfailing support in my more difficult moments and by carrying heavy boxes. My team members are aces. We are a mutual admiration society of three. My husband and my cat, in his little cat way, are my champions, my cheerleaders and my solace. They enable me to pursue my vocation with confidence and ease. True story.